I’m a music fan and collector of vinyl, compact discs, cassettes, and digital sounds. I’m probably way too enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction, too. Since an early age music has been important to me. I was a disc jockey and music director in college and I still have a radio show with WSCA and other freeform outlets.

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During these days of COVID-19, I began to think what I miss most about being out in public. I miss record stores. I miss digging through crates of albums, sifting through collections, talking to people about music, and learning about new artists. Here’s some photos I’ve taken at vinyl and CD shops across the United States, Canada, and the U.K. Thanks to Jed and JT for the company and conversations.  📷

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A collection of curated playlists and writings about music. 

A unique playlist made specifically for days spent indoors during these quarantine times. The aural environments you’re about to hear feature infinitesimal soundscapes throughout. You’ll also hear gorgeous ambient tones and timbre, field recordings and electronic synths. Find a good listening environment in your abode, grab a cup of tea and listen to these majestic modern composers when you can. If you feel like supporting them, every song in this playlist is from Bandcamp, where you can access more info about each artist and download these songs for as little as $1.00 each. Do it. You’ll be glad you did. 

Listed in order, are my favorite 30 albums released in 2019. There were far too many great songs to list them all, but these albums stuck out — all genres, many singer-songwriters, but what a great year for recorded music. How many have you heard? 

Grateful DeadThe Grateful Dead Corner 

News and notes all about The Grateful Dead

The latest limited release by The Grateful Dead is June 1976 featuring 15 CDs from five shows on the east coast. This box set includes two shows from the Boston Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, two shows from the Beacon Theater in New York City, and one show from the Capital Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey. 

Next up:  Dave’s Picks 34: 6/23/74 at the Jai-Alai Fronton in Miami, Florida 

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Featured Concert:

This concert was made available in 2019 as part of Dave’s Picks. David Lemieux is the audiovisual archivist and legacy manager for the Grateful Dead, who chooses 4 shows a year to re-issue complete with liner notes, photos, and more. This was a limited 3 CD release from Rhino / Grateful Dead Records that is currently out of print, but can be streamed via 

The Grateful Dead, Live at The Fillmore East – 09/20/1970


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