Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey

/ˈdis(k) ˌjäkē/

Definition of disc jockey, or DJAn announcer of a radio show of recorded music. Alsoone who plays recorded music for dancing at a nightclub or party.

I’ve hosted a radio show since 1994 beginning at WUNH 91.3 FM, hosting a weekly overnight shift that lasted about six months before I was promoted to daytime. I hosted an afternoon show for three years and acted as the station’s music and jazz director from 1996-1997. Fast forward to 2004 where I joined WSCA, a non-profit community radio station in Portsmouth, NH. I was the station’s first music director and the host of Maelstrom, a new music show that lasted four years. Taking a short break from radio, but not music, I went back to WSCA 106.1 FM in 2013 where I have hosted a weekly radio show ever since. My show began Tuesday nights as Nocturnal, but now airs Friday afternoons at 3 p.m. EDT. I play creative and eclectic, under the radar music from all genres.

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Latest Episodes

Seacoast DJ Events

Spinning primarily 80s alternative, post punk, dark wave, new wave, indie, and industrial. The Hanging Garden is one of my most favorite sets of music to play for people in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, performance spaces, parties, and beyond.

Limited Availability. Contact Me.

Featured in WIRE

WIRE • issue 429 (August 2019)

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