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Social Media and Digital Content Strategist on the east coast.

Social Media Strategies Summit: Higher Education

Another Social Media Strategies Summit for Higher Education has come to an end… but not without making some new friends, learning some new trends, and understanding more about the role we all play in the world of social media for higher education. There were many outstanding panels, but let me try to provide a recap of what occurred with our amazing panel for those that missed it or simply could not be there this year…

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Stay Positive.

Don’t feed the trolls. Social media professionals hear it all the time. Viewing constant negativity is bad for our health – it can lead to trauma, stress, anxiety, even depression. It’s one of the top reasons for burnout in our industry and it can be hard to overcome. That’s why it’s important to establish boundaries. Ignoring your company or institution’s social media after hours is easier said than done, because the Internet doesn’t close at 5pm. Monitoring, listening, responding, and posting happens 24/7 and it takes a toll on all of us. Continue reading

Instagram Engagement & Storytelling

In 2018, almost half the world’s population used some type of social media, whether it was Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. That’s over 3 billion people connected to at least one social network.

The #UNHSocial team is responsible for monitoring, listening, and curating many UNH social network platforms and the content we provide showcases the UNH brand, hopefully increasing our engagement and changing people’s perception of what our institution is all about. Continue reading