January 19, 2021

It’s the last day of doom. Here’s some delicate listening that requires your full attention. Let’s spend some thyme together. Thank you for listening.


Brandee Younger & Dezron Douglas “You Make Me Feel Brand New” Force Majeure (International Anthem)
Patricia Brennan “Blame It” Maquishti (Valley of Search)
Neil Charles “2” LOW and BEYOND (Cafe Oto)
John Truscinski “August Closer” Bridle Path (Cafe Oto)
Tristan Perich & Douglas Perkins “Drift Multiply: Section 1” Tristan Perich: Drift Multiply (Nonesuch)
Beatrice Dillon “Workaround Three” Workaround (PAN)
Rebecca Foon “Ocean Song” Waxing Moon (Constellation)
Moor Mother “Act 1 – Working Machine” Circuit City (Don Giovanni Records)
Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra “Love Is Where the Spirit Lies” Love Is Where the Spirit Lies (Strut)
Wendy Eisenberg “The Moon” Auto (Ba Da Bing!)
Still House Plants “Getting Murky” Fast Edit (Bison Records)
Numün “Tranceport” Voyage Au Soleil (Musique Impossible)
Anna von Hausswolff “Sacro Bosco” All Thoughts Fly (Southern Lord)
Psychedelic Source Records “Sky Jam II” Finalizing 2020 Compilation (Psychedelic Source)
Ali Akbar Khan “Zila Kafi” Bear’s Sonic Journals: That Which Colors the Mind (Owsley Stanley Found.)

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