Giveth These Tools For Daily Use

Giveth These Tools For Daily Use

Recently, I was on a panel, speaking to the audience at the UNH Paul College of Business and Economics annual digital marketing symposiumThe topic was simple, and many wanted to know, “What tools do you use on a daily basis at your job?” and “How do they help you?” There are many tools I use each day, but only two of them I simply couldn’t live without…  Hootsuite and Talkwalker.

 is a social media management platform that displays a dashboard where I can manage multiple networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more…

I can create content to post, schedule, or add to the content library for a future campaign. I can also monitor hashtags, keywords, social profiles, and locations. This allows the social media team at UNH to hear what people are saying about our brand – and respond accordingly. We can also monitor competitors, like Vermont, UConn, and UMass to see what type of content is going viral and what’s trending.

Hootsuite also provides teams. For example, if a social post or message mentions the athletics team, but was meant for campus recreation – they can assign it all within Hootsuite to the appropriate team to respond, making collaboration easy and allowing for nothing to ever get lost.

Hootsuite also allows me to see how posts are performing with their analytics tool, so I can track ROI, measure growth, and see what worked and what might need improvement.

Talkwalker is social media analytics and monitoring tool I just started using in July. Previously the UNH social media team used Hootsuite Insights, which was okay, but Talkwalker digs below the surface to monitor mentions, impressions, trends, and help out with crisis communications.

Alerts are setup for the UNH brand within Talkwalker, so if something negative happens that’s been amplified, I will know about it within seconds. This tool allows us to never miss a conversation going on about The University of New Hampshire. Talkwalker looks at social media, but it also searches blogs, news feeds, print, even television.

The best part about Talkwalker is that it’s real time, so I’m never catching up, or looking at old data. It also shows brand sentiment and demographics like gender, age, and location, along with competitor comparisons. But my favorite part about Talkwalker right now is visual insights, which allows me to see posts associated with the UNH brand and if they were taken inside or outside – also allowing me to see the most engaging photos. This can help with future posts and the type of content resonating with stakeholders or it shows me what type of content is being tagged with our brand and if it’s something I want to look into or simply ignore. Lastly, Talkwalker provides clean reports that can be scheduled and they’re available in both pdf and email.

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