Social Media: It’s About Engagement

Social Media: It’s About Engagement

Last summer, a member of the UNH Alumni family reached out to us via Twitter asking if we had any room for a tweet mentioning the Pan-Mass Challenge. We try not to get involved with every fundraiser, or else we’d be tweeting and sharing on Facebook nonstop. Despite our willingness to always help our alumni, it’s very hard to assist and please everyone, but this one was different. It involved an alumna and a current student riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge with her family raising money for cancer research in her late mother’s name. It was summer, it was a good cause, and I wanted to share a tweet about the connection to The University of New Hampshire and help bring more awareness to their ride, but also bring attention to the Pan-Mass Challenge.

We shared the tweet, tagging Dana Farber, TeamJenStrong, and we linked to an article all about the the team, their cause, and why the ride was so important. It received modest attention with 5 retweets and 8 likes, but it was retweeted by @TeamJenStrong and @UNHAlums, which is our Alumni Twitter account. It was an important tweet on more than one level… it was about helping our alumni and students with an important cause, but it was also about engaging with our stakeholders and making a new connection.

It was a few days after the tweet was posted that I received an email from an alumna thanking me for helping out and sending a tweet to support the fundraiser…

I replied to her email without any delay…

I was happy to share her story and it made members of the entire UNH Wildcat family happy. It’s always great to share these moments when we can and it’s important to stay in touch and connect with our audience and nurture every relationship. It’s all about engagement, right? About a month later, I received a package in the mail that contained two hats and a card with a beautifully written letter inside. It made my summer! With a simple tweet, I was able to reconnect her with her alma mater. It didn’t take much effort on our part, but the end result was definitely worth it… She was happy and sent me a few tokens of appreciation.

In turn, I gave back as well by making a donation to the Pan-Mass Challenge.


Who knows? When UNH reaches out to ask for volunteers, or to attend to our next event in the Boston area, perhaps she’ll be there… At the very least, I guarantee she feels good about her alma mater and that is what matters most.

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