Is Facebook Live the Answer?

Remember when we posted images to get more reach on Facebook? Then, we were told to upload and use videos to rise to the top and reach larger audiences despite the new quirky Zuckerberg algorithm… Since Facebook is (still) going through changes with the news feed once again, we’re now being encouraged to create and share live video to increase reach and hopefully the engagement rate, too. Recent research shows Facebook live videos get up to 6 times more interaction than regular videos. Is your team prepared and ready to create more live content?

If Facebook Live is truly the answer to increased interaction, then how do we create quality content that works and gets the results we need?

​Marketers, especially in Higher Education, shouldn’t use live video every day. No one should. Just imagine the quality of everyone’s news feed if it was only a collection of Facebook live videos? It wouldn’t take long to run out of ideas and eventually start seeing live cams of that iconic building or statue on campus… every single day. Is that what you want to see? At the University of New Hampshire we want to be strategic and plan ahead. Perhaps monthly Facebook Live videos is a good option to start, depending on resources of course. While we should try to incorporate more live video, it shouldn’t be just because the format is the best method, but because it’s quality content that our audience wants to see. That still hasn’t changed! Plan strategically and create good content, no matter what you post.

The idea that would work best with Facebook Live is to treat it like a television show. Brainstorm with your team, come up with some ideas for a weekly, or monthly Facebook Live event. It could be a roundtable discussion about current events on your campus, an art opening, an athletic event, or a tour of a new building to name just a few ideas. Plan it out ahead of time. Create a script, have a host, and market the Facebook Live series through every social media platform you use and wherever else you advertise around campus. That way, you’re creating appointment viewing to the Facebook Page ahead of time, not just through the notification alert when live. This increases the potential for a larger audience, which is what we all want. If you do decide to use Facebook Live, remember to plan ahead, create engaging content, and have fun. I guarantee this will work.

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